My Approach

Hi there! Therapy can mean a number of things. For me, therapy means an authentic, genuine relationship where we work collaboratively on nourishing your self-acceptance and personal fulfillment during any and all life transitions. Together we will create a space for you to gain rich insights into yourself and your relationships that will allow you to begin to feel better. I understand the bravery it takes to embark on the journey toward change and with that understanding, I will act as an active listener, interpreter, and collaborator on that journey.

My therapeutic leaning tends to be CBT, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic. What this means is that while we will focus on the relationship between your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, we will also contextualize this within who you are and your past experiences. You are the master of your own life; I am simply a reflection of what you bring to therapy and your commitment to enacting meaningful change.

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