About Me

Hi there and welcome! My name is Alana and I am a NYC based therapist working with clients from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. My favorite thing about being a therapist is having the honor to watch clients grow, shift, and change during our work together. When clients begin to gain insight into their patterns of thoughts and emotions that have been hindering their journey toward becoming their most authentic selves, I feel privileged as a therapist to have been part of that journey.

Therapy with me is different! You will not be bouncing a ball against a wall! I will tell you my thoughts, share my opinions, and be an equal with you in the room. For me, the relational aspect of therapy is just as important as the work we are doing together.

Informed by humanistic, feminist, and social justice values, my philosophy is that the more empowered you feel to be your most authentic self, the more apt you will be toward making changes. These values and philosophies were formed through my education and work at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College where I earned my Masters in Arts and Education in Psychological Counseling.

Since my schooling, I have worked extensively in the addiction world. But addiction is only one of my specialty areas! I also enjoy working with minority and intersectional populations, personality disorders, mood disorders, women’s issues, relational issues, and life transitions.

My Approach

Therapy can mean a number of things. For me, therapy means an authentic, genuine relationship where we work collaboratively on nourishing your self-acceptance and personal fulfillment during any and all life transitions.

My therapeutic leaning tends to be DBT, CBT, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic.

What this means is that while we will focus on the relationship between your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, we will also contextualize this within who you are and your past experiences. You are the master of your own life; I am simply a reflection of what you bring to therapy and your commitment to enacting meaningful change.

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